Other than cosmetics or shopping, Korea is also well known for their fried chicken! To Koreans, chicken is one of the most popular foods to have late at night. This is probably quite evident as you can find all sorts of fried chicken chains on every corner of the street. During our #FoodInLoveKOREA trip, we paid a visit to the BHC Chicken outlet in Myeongdong and Dongdaemun.





The brand ‘BHC’ stands for ‘Better & Happier Choice’. Starting from 2004, BHC Chicken grew quickly and opened 1,000 stores till 2012. You can find their store locations all around Korea at their website http://www.bhc.co.kr/location/search.asp, but unfortunately, it’s only available in Korean with no English.

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BHC Myeongdong



BHC Dongdaemun



Moving on to the highlight of the meal! A must-have in Korea, Chimaek or simply fried chicken coupled with beer, and BHC did not disappoint. BHC has very special tastes made by their secret seasoning. There are boneless chicken, chicken wings, and chicken legs that you can choose and combined with many flavors and sauce. After ordered, you’ll be given a welcome snack with pickled radish cubes. (PS: The price may be different on any branch depending on their location)

Welcome snack




Boneless Sweet Garlic Soy Sauce (KRW 19,000)

From all menus that we’ve tried, this one is the CHAMPION! The boneless chicken fried to perfection and coated with sweet garlic soy sauce. The chicken was crispy yet juicy and tender inside. The sweet garlic sauce is freaking good as well with powerful taste combination of savory, sweet, and garlic flavor.

Boneless Sweet Garlic Soy Sauce (KRW 19,000)




Boneless Sprinkle Chicken (KRW 19,000)

Beside the sweet garlic soy sauce, we also tried the Boneless Sprinkle Chicken. The boneless crispy fried chicken sprinkled with cheese, onion and garlic, flavor seasoning, and served with cheese yogurt sauce. The fried chicken batter was not too thick so you can fully taste the flavor of the sprinkled cheese and the freshness of the chicken. It’s also not too oily so you won’t get sick of eating the chicken halfway through the meal. The cheese powder also tastes a bit sweet and when mixed with the savory chicken, the flavors went really well together.

Boneless Sprinkle Chicken (KRW 19,000)
Cheese yogurt sauce



Half-Half Spicy and Soy Sauce Chicken (KRW 20,000)

Anyway, you can mixed your order with 2 different flavors but we think it will charged in more expensive price. In the other visit, we also try the spicy sauce fried chicken in half-half portion with soy sauce chicken since this is our favorite. The spicy sauce was also good, we really like how the spices don’t overpower the flavor of the chicken and the consistency is the same as the another fried chicken. It’s also not that spicy and very much bearable.

Half-Half Spicy and Soy Sauce Chicken (KRW 20,000)




Draft Beer

While gorging on Korean fried Chicken, all you need is a draft beer. There are several kinds of beer selections at BHC, ranging from draft beer (500/1700/2700 cc), Guinness, Asahi, Hoegaarden, etc. It’s such a perfect companion!

Draft Beer 500 cc (KRW 4,000)

Overall, BHC Chicken is one of the best fried chicken joints in Korea especially when there are so many fried chicken chains in the country. If you’re one who likes food that’s spicy but not too overly spicy or if you’re looking for something with a lot of flavors to choose from, then BHC Chicken is just for you. It’s definitely a must eat when in Korea. Neomu Mashiseoyo!


How to getting there: Euljiro 1-ga Station (Line 2 Exit 5). Walk straight and turn right after exiting the station. You will walk pass Starbucks on the right, keep on walking straight until you see CU convenience shop at the corner, then turn left. BHC is located along a stretch of outdoor restaurants on your left.


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BHC Chicken

Meyongdong Store:
21 Myeongdong 7-gil, Euljiro 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu
Seoul, South Korea
Phone: +82 2-319-7033
Opening Hour: Everyday (5 PM till late night)

Website: www.bhc.co.kr



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