[KOREA] GIMGANE – Myeongdong, Seoul

If you’re looking for a great variety of delicious gimbap in Seoul, this is definitely the place. Located in Myeongdong area, this small kimbap shop is totally worth it! Gimgane is casual Korean restaurant run by a Korean family which specializes in gimbap, noodles, and rice dishes.



During our #FoodInLoveKOREA trip, we stay in Myeongdong and luckily found this small restaurant. From the outside, the restaurant looked fairly busy and there were many locals who eat in so that was a good sign. They have a lady at the front of the restaurant making fresh gimbap and tteobokki which looks very tempting. There was a menu outside and the options looked appealing, so we decided to give it a try and walked in.

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The place was quite small but totally comfortable! You can see the chefs making the food with your own eyes due to their open kitchen concept. Drink, cutlery, tissue, and side dishes like kimchi or yellow pickled radish is all self-serve. We liked the kimchi here as it was crunchy and wonderfully flavored with the right amount of spice.





Cheese Gimbap

From 14 selections of Gimbap, we ordered Cheese Gimbap. Gimbap is a Korean dish made from cooked rice and various other ingredients rolled in gim and served in bite-size slices. It’s  more like the Korean version of Sushi. The rice was soft, fragrant, and delicious with radish, carrots, veggies, and cheese. It’s flavorful and tasted savory due to the cheese, and also fragrance because they rub sesame oil on top.

Cheese Gimbap (KRW 3,500)




Ramyun with Spicy Rice Cake

This hot and spicy ramyun is the best comfort food in the chilly cold weather. It served with egg, tteobokki (rice cake), and vegetable. We really love the texture of the noodle, it like the instant noodles but that’s how Koreans usually have their ramyun. It is cooked well in that it is springy and still a bit chewy. The soup has a powerful taste with a kick of spicy. Piping this hot and spicy soup is the most comfortable feeling on cold weather and it just warms your body instantly.

Ramyun with Spicy Rice Cake (KRW 4,500)




Hot Noodle Soup (Plain Noodle)

Instead of cold noodle, we ordered this hot noodle soup. The noodles served with carrot, onion, pickles, and seaweed. The texture of the noodles was really soft but unfortunately, the soup tastes quite bland and lack of flavor or maybe it does not fit our taste.

Hot Noodle Soup (KRW 5,000)



Boiled Pork Dumplings

They have many kinds of mandu (dumplings) and we opted to the boiled pork dumplings. It was bit tiny so it was so easy to eat in one bite. The fillings were full of flavors and very juicy. It also tastes good when dipped in soy sauce.

Boiled Pork Dumplings (KRW 3,500)



Overall, we would definitely recommend Gimgane to all of you. It’s tourist-friendly spot because they provide English menu and all of their food taste so good! (FYI: one person must order at least 1 item) 


How to getting there: Take exit 6 of Myeongdong Station, go north on Myeongdong 8-gil. Gimgane located on the right side (next to KFC), on the three-way junction with Myengdong 7ga-gil.


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45-1 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu
Seoul, South Korea
Phone: +82 2-777-7879

Opening Hour
Weekday: 8 AM – 10.30 PM
Weekend: 9 AM – 10.30 PM

How to getting there:
Take exit 6 of Myeongdong Station, go north on Myeongdong 8-gil. Gimgane located on the right side (next to KFC), on the three-way junction with Myengdong 7ga-gil.



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