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Street food is one of the most enjoyable things, especially for those who love to eat and travel. People may purchase street food for a number of reasons such as to get flavourful food for a reasonable price in a sociable setting, to experience ethnic cuisines, or for nostalgia. If you’re usually enjoying street food sold by a hawker, or vendor, in a street or market, now you can experience and taste the global street food with more cozy ambiance!


Thanks to The People’s Cafe, a concept from Ismaya group that offers and brings street food the next level! The People’s Cafe means “Waroeng Orang Orang” in Indonesian, which defines it is a good choice to having a wide variety of contemporary global street food, that can be enjoyed by every people with homy and cozy ambiance.


Recently, The People’s Cafe has just launched the new addition to their contemporary global street food, ranging from popular Indonesian street food to the selection of best street food around the world.



Ayam Geprek Jumbo

Ayam geprek or crunched chicken lately is very popular and get the hype in Jakarta. The craze can be seen with so many vendors that sell wide variety and creation of ayam geprek than can be found almost in every corner of the city. It usually serves in the spicy level that you can choose, and also mozzarella for topping selection.

Ayam Geprek Jumbo Keju


Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Limo
Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Ijo

The People’s Cafe serves ayam geprek jumbo with a wide topping and sambal selection, such as Ayam Geprek Jumbo Keju, Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Limo, Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Ijo, Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Bawang, Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Ijo Special, and Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Merah Special. From all variant, our favorite is Sambal Bawang, it savory and has a right spicy level for us. As for the spicy lover, we’ll recommend you the Sambal Ijo Special which is the spiciest sambal for us.

Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Bawang
Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Merah Special


Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Ijo Special

Nasi Mawut T.P.C

It’s actually a steamed rice topped with black charcoal noodle and sunny side egg. Surprisingly, it’s simply delicious. The black charcoal noodle was tasty and well paired with messy sunny side egg.

Nasi Mawut T.P.C


Twisted Nachos

That’s no longer secret that nachos is one of the most favorite and popular street food from Mexico and now you also can get this at The People’s Cafe. Taste wise, its good like another usual nachos.

Twisted Nachos


Hot China Chix

This spicy chicken wings are an excellent alternative to your regular chicken wings. Sprinkled with chili, ginger, leek, and garlic, it’s so freaking good! It tastes salty, savory, and spicy with juicy and crunchy texture at the same time.

Hot China Chix

Hot Texas Chix

Different from Hot China Chix, it’s a fried chicken wings drenched in spicy sauce with coriander, parsley, and paprika powder. The chicken was tender and juicy as well with the much spicier seasoning.

Hot Texas Chix

Crispy Cireng

Yeah, it’s our favorite Indonesian fritters! The texture of this crispy cireng was just perfect. This Bandung street snack is chewy, savory, and crunchy. It’s better to enjoy this fried tapioca flour dumplings with crunchy flakes and homemade chili dipping sauce. It’s definitely a must try!

Crispy Cireng

Fried Tofu Basket

This simple snack will never go wrong! Slices of crispy fried tofu served sweet chili soy sauce. The tofu has extremely soft texture inside and crispy outside, the addition of sweet chili soy sauce just make it more perfect!

Fried Tofu Basket


Chicken & Tofu Clear Soup

For the healthier choice, this one will be a good option. Nourish your soul with this new clear chicken broth with mushroom and tofu that will warm the heart and comfort your body.

Chicken & Tofu Clear Soup

Overal, we are delighted that The People’s Cafe offers a great global street food with a good concept at an affordable price. The taste was satisfying, even some of them are beyond our expectation. They definitely bring street food to the next level!



The People’s Cafe

Setiabudi One – Ground Floor
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. 42
Central Jakarta 12920

Telp: +62 21 521 0301

Opening Hours: Everyday (10 AM – 10 PM)

Instagram: @thepeoplescafe
Facebook: ThePeoplesCafeID
Twitter: @PeoplesCafeID
Website: www.ismaya.com/thepeoplescafe

Spending per pax: IDR 100,000 -IDR 150,000

Taste: 7,5/10
Service: 7,5/10
Place: 7,5/10
Value for Money: 7,5/10



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