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Food, Travel, & Lifestyle Blogger based in Jakarta, Indonesia

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FOODINLOVE is a Food, Travel, and Lifestyle Blog based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The person behind FOODINLOVE is Fellow Ray, an architect who loves to eat and traveling. And this is my diary, I love to share story about my food, travel, hang out, shopping, lifestyle, and my other experiences on my blog… 🙂

My dad loves photography and traveling. And so do I. With those chance, I start to learn about photography, especially in Food and Travelling Photography. Actually, I don’t like writing and I don’t have the talent to become a good writer (So, I’m apologizing for sort of newbie-ness, grammatical error or spelling error.. LOL). But, as I realize my vocation, through FOODINLOVE, I thought it would be good if I could have a channel to share my passion.

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What’s the meaning of FOODINLOVE?

Just like when I FALL IN LOVE with someone, so did I LOVE FOOD and TRAVELLING. FOODINLOVE is a word-merging from FOOD and fall IN LOVE. So, FOODINLOVE is a blog dedicated for people’s who LOVE FOOD and TRAVELLING.

Dear “FoodLover” (love nickname of FOODINLOVE’s reader), thank you for reading my blog. If you have any great suggestion/place to go, restaurant recommendation or anything else, do not hesitate to leave a comment on our blog or social media (INSTAGRAM or TWITTER), mail to foodinlove.id@gmail.com, or contact my personal account at fellow_ray@yahoo.com. I would love to hear it from you.



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Food, Travel, & Lifetsyle Blogger based in Jakarta, Indonesia


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