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The food scene in Bandung is always exciting, especially if you’re looking for authentic and traditional local food. One of the most favorite local food in Bandung is Martabak, and in this post, we’ll sharing about the most legendary Martabak in Bandung: Martabak Nikmat Andir!

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BAKMI APIN – Sukajadi, Bandung

Time to continue our culinary experience in Bandung. This time, we’re going to talk about one of legendary noodle in Bandung, Bakmi Apin at Jalan Sukajadi.

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PASKAL FOOD MARKET – Pasir Kaliki, Bandung

Besides being famous for its natural attractions, Bandung is also known for its culinary spots. Located in Pasir Keliki near Bandung Station, Paskal Food Market has more than 100 food vendors, ranging from traditional food a la Bandung to international ones from Japan and Korea. With the alfresco or outdoor concept, you will be spoiled by the cool breeze from the city of Bandung accompanied by delicious warm food.

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