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[NEW MENU] GLOBAL STREET FOOD from The People’s Cafe

Street food is one of the most enjoyable things, especially for those who love to eat and travel. People may purchase street food for a number of reasons such as to get flavourful food for a reasonable price in a sociable setting, to experience ethnic cuisines, or for nostalgia. If you’re usually enjoying street food sold by a hawker, or vendor, in a street or market, now you can experience and taste the global street food with more cozy ambiance!

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There are a lot of amazing things about Seoul, but for food lovers, it’s the never-ending amount of delicious food that makes Seoul such an exciting city. With an abundance of food options, Seoul offers everything from small traditional street food stands serving basic rice and vegetable dishes to up-market restaurants with comprehensive menus.

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In the super rapidly changing Korea, we get to see new trends and new items every day, including their street food. During our #FoodInLoveKOREA trip, one of our best findings is Steak & Beer in a cup from “Me? Steak!” in Hongdae area. These “Street Steakhouses” that sell properly grilled steak in a cup is the recently rising dining trend in Korea, just like soft serve milk ice cream not long ago.

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Bukchon, the historic neighborhood between Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung palaces in the heart of Seoul, is the home of Bukchon Son Mandu 북촌손만두, which translates as Bukchon handmade dumplings. Even though this is a Seoul chain restaurant, the namesake location is here.

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WARUNG LAPER – Citra Garden 5

Indomie creation remains one of the food trends in Indonesia lately. It is no longer secret that Indonesian people enjoy their instant noodle so much. The flavorful rich noodle is just undeniable and Warung Laper becomes a new addition which serves Indomie creation many varieties of food such as Roti Bakar, Pisang Bakar, Pasta, Fried Rice, etc.

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The most hyped martabak in Jakarta, Martabakku Menteng has opened their new outlet in Pecenongan. Such a good news for all martabak lovers since Pecenongan is a favorite culinary spot in Central Jakarta and there are many famous martabak outlets in Pecenongan, let’s say like the famous Martabak Pecenongan 65A, Martabak Pecenongan 43, and much more.

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The food scene in Bandung is always exciting, especially if you’re looking for authentic and traditional local food. One of the most favorite local food in Bandung is Martabak, and in this post, we’ll sharing about the most legendary Martabak in Bandung: Martabak Nikmat Andir!

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Taipei is inarguably one of the top street food cities in the world. Taiwan is known as the land of snacks: they have literally invented and re-invented genre after genre of snack food over the years. From pearl tea to fried chicken, the Taiwanese are all about inventing and perfecting the ultimate snack foods. The catch with Taipei street food, though, is that almost all of it is nocturnal. You can find some stalls during the day but 99% of the street food options don’t come out until late afternoon and evening when the night markets begin to spring to life. We visited Taiwan in January 2016 and visited one of the must-visit night markets in Taipei, Shilin Night Market  (士林夜市)

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NOM ASIAN BBQ – Muara Karang

Muara Karang area is known as one of the best culinary spots in North Jakarta. A lot of restaurants there and most of them are Chinese restaurants. There’s a new addition that we visited last weekend, Nom Asian BBQ which might be the favorite place for Asian BBQ lovers.

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FOOD FIGHTERS – Melawai, Blok M

Food Fighters is a hangout spot and food arcade that filled with freshest street stalls under one roof. Food Fighters located at Melawai Area in Blok M, South Jakarta (near FaveHotel) and it’s actually owned and managed by the same management who manage Fave Hotel and Oey Kopitiam.

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