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WARUNG LAPER – Citra Garden 5

Indomie creation remains one of the food trends in Indonesia lately. It is no longer secret that Indonesian people enjoy their instant noodle so much. The flavorful rich noodle is just undeniable and Warung Laper becomes a new addition which serves Indomie creation many varieties of food such as Roti Bakar, Pisang Bakar, Pasta, Fried Rice, etc.

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FOOD FIGHTERS – Melawai, Blok M

Food Fighters is a hangout spot and food arcade that filled with freshest street stalls under one roof. Food Fighters located at Melawai Area in Blok M, South Jakarta (near FaveHotel) and it’s actually owned and managed by the same management who manage Fave Hotel and Oey Kopitiam.

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