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Taipei is inarguably one of the top street food cities in the world. Taiwan is known as the land of snacks: they have literally invented and re-invented genre after genre of snack food over the years. From pearl tea to fried chicken, the Taiwanese are all about inventing and perfecting the ultimate snack foods. The catch with Taipei street food, though, is that almost all of it is nocturnal. You can find some stalls during the day but 99% of the street food options don’t come out until late afternoon and evening when the night markets begin to spring to life. We visited Taiwan in January 2016 and visited one of the must-visit night markets in Taipei, Shilin Night Market  (士林夜市)

img_1553 Continue reading [TAIWAN] SHILIN NIGHT MARKET (士林夜市) – Taipei

[TAIWAN] CHUN SHUI TANG Cultural Tea House – 春水堂


This is a must visit tea house in Taiwan, especially when you go to Taichung. This tea house has a peaceful ambiance to enjoy many various tea and dishes. they originated in Taichung, but now they already expand and have many branches in Taiwan and Japan. Continue reading [TAIWAN] CHUN SHUI TANG Cultural Tea House – 春水堂