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When you think of traveling to South Korea, Nami Island always on the top of the list of places that must be visited. Nami Island is one of the best places to visit if you want to see the gorgeous and beautiful autumn foliage. This is our most favorite place and the most memorable moment during our #FoodInLoveKOREA trip last autumn. In this post, we’ll be providing you with details on what you can do and how to get to Nami Island from Seoul.

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In the super rapidly changing Korea, we get to see new trends and new items every day, including their street food. During our #FoodInLoveKOREA trip, one of our best findings is Steak & Beer in a cup from “Me? Steak!” in Hongdae area. These “Street Steakhouses” that sell properly grilled steak in a cup is the recently rising dining trend in Korea, just like soft serve milk ice cream not long ago.

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[KOREA] GOGUNG (고궁) – Myeongdong, Seoul

Gogung (고궁) is a famous restaurant in Myeongdong and famous for their… yes, Bibimbap. Specifically, they feature Jeonju (전주) style bibimbap. Jeonju is a city located in the center of  South Korea and is famous for iteration of this dish. As far as we can tell, Jeonju style bibimbap simply features a more diverse variety of vegetables.

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Characterized by being spicy, full of chilies, lemongrass, garlic, shallots, and an assortment of jungle herbs and vegetables, plus seafood and meat, Nasi Padang has gained a reputation across Indonesia for being some of the most flavorful of all. Last weekend, FOOD IN LOVE visited Kasiko Padang, a Padangnese restaurant at Setiabudi One, Jakarta.

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Hidden away in a small alley near Anguk station, Jaedong Sundubu (재동순두부) is popular even among the locals. The restaurant serves a variety of traditional Korean dishes, including Sundubu, Bibimbap (mixed rice), Kongguksu (noodles in cold soy milk broth), Pajeon (scallion pancake), and Korean BBQ.

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[KOREA] MYEONGDONG KYOJA (명동교자) – Myeongdong, Seoul

Myeongdong Kyoja is a famous restaurant in Myeongdong area and well known by many people around the world. Having been around for more than 40 years, Myeongdong Kyoja claims to be the founders of handmade Kalguksu noodles, which literally means noodles made by cutting flour dough into thin slices by the knife.

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PORTO BISTREAU – Central Park Mall

Last weekend, FOOD IN LOVE visited Porto Bistreau at Central Park Mall after a couple of months since their grand opening in March 2017. Porto Bistreau is a brand of restaurant that managed by Altima Mandiri Group, the same group that manages Nanny’s Pavillion, Torigen, Sushi Tora, Wild Grass, etc.

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3 WISE MONKEYS – Senopati

A highly recommended place for sushi lovers! Located at Jl. Suryo, Senopati, 3 Wise Monkeys is a Japanese Restaurant and Bar specializing in Traditional Kaiseki Omakaze and Sake Bar. The restaurant is easy to found since they’re located just right across the Creamatology Coffee Roasters with a signage of 3 monkeys symbol.

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SOUR SALLY WHITE GOLD – The World’s First Most Expensive Gold Yogurt Gelato

As a celebration of their 9th Golden Year Anniversary, Sour Sally, a frozen yogurt franchise in Indonesia has launched “White Gold”, a new luxurious indulgence with goldphoric flavors to celebrate their achievement being awarded as Asia’s Top Brand Winner 2016 and the milestone of 9 million cups sold.

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[KOREA] GIMGANE – Myeongdong, Seoul

If you’re looking for a great variety of delicious gimbap in Seoul, this is definitely the place. Located in Myeongdong area, this small kimbap shop is totally worth it! Gimgane is casual Korean restaurant run by a Korean family which specializes in gimbap, noodles, and rice dishes.

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Bukchon, the historic neighborhood between Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung palaces in the heart of Seoul, is the home of Bukchon Son Mandu 북촌손만두, which translates as Bukchon handmade dumplings. Even though this is a Seoul chain restaurant, the namesake location is here.

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