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KINTARO SUSHI – Pantai Indah Kapuk

Exploring food scene in Pantai Indah Kapuk is always exciting. There’s a lot of restaurant with the strong and unique concept which is very interesting for us, and of course for many people to try. Recently, we visited Kintaro Sushi, a traditional & fusion Japanese food restaurant with a modern concept.

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[NEW MENU] LAVA OMURICE from Sunny Side Up

There are abundant opportunities for creativity in Japanese cooking. There is great joy in tasting something for the first time and a concentration of skills in producing an original dish or garnish. As one of the Japanese fusion dishes, creativity is welcome when comes to making omurice!

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Good news for all sushi lovers! A beautiful presentation of sushi is on trend lately, and one of them is the ferris wheel sushi from Teishoku Indonesia. Last weekend, FOOD IN LOVE had a lovely lunch at Tesihoku and we can’t wait to share it with all of you!

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There are some new and unique food trends in Jakarta. Two of them are everything with salted egg and croquant choux. Adding salted egg to various dishes is becoming more and more popular in Jakarta’s culinary world. From dipping to filling, adding the ingredient creates both delicious and visually attractive results. While for croquant choux, its might be one of the newest types of food that start to be on trend in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

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TOKIOSEI – Emporium Pluit Mall

Baked cheese tart craze started happening in Indonesia the last few years. A lot of cake and pastry chain, ranging from Japan, where this baked cheese tart comes from to Indonesian local chain compete to offers their baked cheese tart to win customers’ hearts. To join the cheese tart scene, Tokiosei, a new concept by Sour Sally, becomes a new addition to Indonesian market with their signature Black Yuzu Cheese Tart.

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3 WISE MONKEYS – Senopati

A highly recommended place for sushi lovers! Located at Jl. Suryo, Senopati, 3 Wise Monkeys is a Japanese Restaurant and Bar specializing in Traditional Kaiseki Omakaze and Sake Bar. The restaurant is easy to found since they’re located just right across the Creamatology Coffee Roasters with a signage of 3 monkeys symbol.

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Here is a great news for cheesecake lovers, the famous Uncle Tetsu Shop is coming to town! Following their success with more than 200 shops in 11 countries, the highly anticipated Uncle Tetsu Shop from Fukuoka, Japan has finally opened their first outlet in Indonesia.

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Japanese food never bore us. Besides sushi and ramen, Japanese barbecue is also one of our favorite. From tons of Japanese BBQ restaurant in Jakarta, Gyu-Kaku is one of the best we ever tried and last weekend, FOOD IN LOVE visited Gyu-Kaku at Neo Soho, West Jakarta.

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BARIUMA RAMEN – Citywalk Sudirman

Ramen is always interesting with its powerful taste. From tons of Ramen houses in Indonesia, we have a recommendation for you all Ramen lovers, it’s Bariuma Ramen, one of the most widely known ramen in Japan and currently already have branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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ROCK PAPER SCISSORS – The East, Mega Kuningan

Inspired by the traditional hand game that is popularized in Japan, Rock Paper Scissors is a modern Japanese bistro that focused on Yoshoku dishes, a style of Western-inspired cooking in Japan. Strategically located at The East Building, Mega Kuningan, RPS is managed by the same management with Bottega Ristorante and Wilshire.

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