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RM. BUMI AKI – The Best Sundanese Restaurant in Puncak

Sundanese food is a must when visiting Puncak. One of our favorite Sundanese restaurant in Puncak is Bumi Aki. I still remember the first time I visited this place when still a child, where only a small cottage. But after about 15 years this restaurant continues to grow and today, RM. Bumi Aki is one of the largest and most favorite Sundanese Restaurant in Puncak area, and have the multiple branches in Puncak and Bogor. And this time, we visited their first restaurant which is located in Jl. Raya Puncak.

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Puncak is undoubtedly one of the most favorite tourist attraction in Indonesia. There are also many restaurants offering a variety of concepts and food. In this post, we’ll be going to share about B’tur Resto & Cafe, a mixed cuisine restaurant & café in Puncak area.

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From so many eateries along Pajajaran Street, Bogor, this is our most favorite. A humble place that offers delicious Sop Kambing (mutton soup), Sop Daging Sapi (beef soup), and Satay (chicken and mutton). Sop & Sate Kambing Bang Hasan Kumis is located right on the Pajajaran street, but not too eye-catching. You can look for the yellow signage that is located on the road side.

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KEDAI SOTO IBU RAHAYU – Pajajaran, Bogor

Soto is omnipresent in Indonesia, available in many warungs and open-air eateries on many street corners, to fine dining restaurants and luxurious hotels. Because it is always served warm with a tender texture, it is considered an Indonesian comfort food. The spread of soto in Indonesian archipelago was followed by the localization of Soto’s recipe, according to available ingredients and distinctive local taste. As the result, myriad soto recipes and variations can be found in Indonesia and you can find some of the best in Kedai Soto Ibu Rahayu, one of the best Soto in Bogor so far.

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