SOUR SALLY WHITE GOLD – The World’s First Most Expensive Gold Yogurt Gelato

As a celebration of their 9th Golden Year Anniversary, Sour Sally, a frozen yogurt franchise in Indonesia has launched “White Gold”, a new luxurious indulgence with goldphoric flavors to celebrate their achievement being awarded as Asia’s Top Brand Winner 2016 and the milestone of 9 million cups sold.


Sour Sally White Gold was claimed as the world’s first most expensive gold yogurt gelato. Well, the gold leaf ice cream craze in Japan seems to have spread to Indonesia. The golden ice cream was firstly introduced by an ice cream store in Kanazawa, Japan. And thanks to Sour Sally who present this real 24k gold leaf in Indonesia!


The white gold series consists of Italian lush artisanal yogurt gelato with collagen, Italian imported real 24k gold leaf, Valrhona French grand luxury chocolate, Valrhona coated fresh berries, and French style Langue de chat Cone. As for the topping, it comes with the selection of Valrhona Dark Chocolate, Valrhona White Chocolate, Caramel, and Honey Blossom.



The yogurt gelato is actually the usual Sour Sally frozen yogurt which combined with creamy gelato and flair of hidden ingredients to create smooth thick texture and rich flavor while their 24k gold leaf is hand-pounded and trimmed into solid sheets with the finesse of a master goldsmith.





Langue de chat is French biscuits with a whimsical name, perfect for refined yogurt gelato time. It’s freshly baked following the original recipe from France. As for the topping, Valrhona has been producing the world’s finest chocolate with refined techniques for enhancing the flavor of rare cocoa beans. And also the raspberry and blueberry, these two freshly harvested berries are coated Valrhona chocolate.


Taste wise, actually the 24k gold leaf taste nothing. It looks good but it doesn’t impact anything for the taste. The french style langue de chat cone was unique, but it tastes too sweet. Valrhona dark chocolate is the best topping than the others while honey blossom tastes over sweet for us.




Overall, when average yogurt is too ordinary, thanks to Sour Sally who introduced the While Gold Yogurt Gelato. It looks good and unique in terms of presentation, but there are some things in terms of taste that needs to be improved. Have you tried this Sour Sally White Gold? FYI, the White Gold temporarily available only at Grand Indonesia outlet for IDR 99,000 and since the queue was crazily long, you’d better come sooner before the gold is Gold Out!



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